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Our countries ignorance on human psyche and pharmaceutical drugs is appalling, I really shouldn’t be surprised, American education has failed us and a change in our core values  has been long over due.

Hey Zeus ( Jacob and Kenny)

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Hey Zeus ( Jacob and Kenny)

The Burnside twins, in Austin Tx. 


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Jennifer Stuart. Local artist, Austin Tx. If you enjoy her sounds then enjoy her words at


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by Jacob Robert Burnside on Monday, July 4, 2011 at 9:54pm ·

So this past Saturday Gerald, Lucy and I end up leaving my aunt’s after the family reunion around 9 or 10 at night.  As soon as we pull out of the neighborhood, we see cop lights directly behind us. I pull over and then the cop gets out of his car, approaches the vehicle and asks for our proof of identity. I was driving of-course; Gerald had a few to drink. The cop leaves then comes back, and tells us that the car wasn’t showing having any insurance in their system.


The [rude] cop then proceeds by telling us to step out of the car and as soon as we get out he tells me to step in front of the car. He pats me down while another cop shows up. Then pats Gerald. After he’s done violating my testicles, he cuffs me. I immediately become confused. I start asking questions, whats going on? Why are these iron hard things cutting the blood circulation  to my hands?  He tells me that I’m being arrested for a warrant, for not showing up to school, a truancy citation that i didn’t show up to court too.  I was baffled. He was taking me in for this? Well i drive off or i should say the cops takes me in, with the intention that Gerald would have the car. BOY WAS I WRONG! I later found out that since the car wasn’t showing insurance they had to impound the car, even though he did have insurance. They left him on foot with my dog Lucy, after seeing that he no longer had a car – he asked the cop for a ride back. The cop asks,  “how far?” Gerald tells him “A couple blocks down, not that far.” the cop says “oh, well I can’t its out of my way.”


WTF! So Gerald now forced to run to my aunts, a couple of miles at least, gets there and tells everyone who’s still there. luckily a couple of hours later  my dad comes and saves me from anymore abuse from the system.


Also the cops were making obscene feminine gestures laughing to each other, like they were telling each other we were gay; but in a more insulting way.  I don’t know how I feel anymore about who protects us. I’m disgusted and disappointed more than anything. Discouraged and disappointed at most.


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a massive attack
on priority and selflessness
to many moons past
with the same morning cast
yellow orange sound
creeps to close to the ear
to many that I’ve herd
the same story of loss and love
how can i make it by the smoke of my gun
2 years past with no recollection
of how long its really been
feels like months go on binges
the barrel that i slip m…

Tribal Heart Beat

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Close to a fire
you sit next me
tribal heart beat

Big chief has a sight
wolf mother has a child
bares her into the light
with fire flies dispersing
into the star lit sky
beauty mother sings
singing to us the meaning of life
tribal heartbeat