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Walking Contradictions

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Had an awesome last night, partied at a friends birthday and finished it off stuffing my face at Kerbey Lane with some veggie caso and French Toast. Although I think the night really took off when I pissed off some sorority girls sitting at the table next to us. They were wearing outfits that were military themed. So I assumed they came back from a frat party that was celebrating the right for women to fight in our front lines. So I went up to them and said, “congratulations”,  in the most considerate way possible, pointing my fingers at the two girls so they would know who I was speaking too, they happened to be with two other frat boys. The guys did nothing. but smile and laugh, the girls however reacted unexpectedly negative. One of the girls assumed I was calling them a lesbian and that I was a “nobody”. My immediate reaction was to try an defuse the situation by explaining what I meant and that I had nothing, but good intentions. They simply weren’t getting it, these poor hopeless girls taking for granted what they should be cherishing most, to be looked upon as an equal, to have all the same opportunities as a man in this modern world. Instead they dressed up blindly and unknowingly chose to contradict years and years of civil action by their peers.    



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Its like magic. 

Be Cognitive

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I have a troubling feeling that some of my peers around me are one by one, being sucked into the infinite bubble abyss. This pseudo science tradition of ignorance has somehow become a norm in our modern world and is causing sever polarization. People everywhere believing the first thing they hear, by the first person that tells it to them without any form of cognitive recognition. 
-I guess if your happy its all fine…wait NO…ITS NOT FINE you have any idea how much harm you are doing to your brain and most importantly your planet.. OUR planet?! 

I put 40 years on the clock, when its already to late.

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